Yes, we make mistakes and have imperfections but we pull it together and push through. That’s what makes us FLAWLESS!
— Alecia



"Flawless Fabs is a Space Where We Can Embrace Our Flaws and Make Them Fab!"



-Alecia, Creator and Editor of Flawless Fabs


"In this segment of Flawless Fabs, I will take you along on my journey for skin perfection. I'll also review some of the latest and greatest make-up products."

-Mona Nisa, Beauty Contributor on Flawless Fabs



The Business Bar knows how stressful and complicated it can be when you're looking for a job, aspiring to change career paths or creating your own brand. That's why we're here to offer career coaching with a cocktail on the side! This bar is sure to meet your career development needs. 


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This blog is designed to cater to the Flawless Fabs of the world! You know, all the women who are on their grind, taking care of business and being simply fabulous through it all. I call you all F.A.B.'s because you are Fierce & Admirable Beauties who deserve a space that you can go to keep your crowns shining bright!

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